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Liam’s children’s adventure novel, The Battle of Boxhill, was shortlisted by Mount Helix Films and The Eurasia Film Company. He also wrote the screenplay and is continuing to promote the project in the hope that a production company will develop it into a feature animation.

Having co-written The Little English Boy with Hans Potter, Liam adapted the story for the big screen and is now hoping to negotiate an option with production companies in the UK and Denmark.

In 2014, Liam was commissioned to write a thriller in the style of No Country for Old Men and, in 2016, he completed a sci-fi thriller (Unparalleled) containing elements of Back to the Future, Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow and Quantum Leap.


Later in the year, he and accomplished screenwriter Richard Lasser were commissioned by Wind Waltz Pictures to adapt a true Second World War story into a feature script called The Last Battle.

In 2017, Liam completed his adaptation of Martin Sutton’s award-winning historical novel Lost Paradise into a feature script. 

Commissioned by First Cut Films in Los Angeles, the script received great reviews from Peter Heslop (producer of The King’s Speech) and Emmy-winning screenwriter Michael Hirst.


In 2019, Liam wrote a low-budget drama (Menace) about how a young couple’s lives are thrown into turmoil when an unscrupulous brewery installs a nightmare tenant in the pub next to their home.


He has recently written Do You See What I See?, a script about an architect's battles – often amusing, occasionally tragic – with Parkinson's disease. Having received excellent reviews from Tom Conti, Jeff Levine, Barry Navidi and Suzi McIntosh, the story looks set to go into production with director Simon Aboud at the helm.

Liam also adapted Wendy Waters's supernatural drama Catch the Moon, Mary into a feature screenplay. And he's recently finished a short about a child abduction.


When a gamekeeper steals his eggs and kidnaps his partner, a young falcon is forced to recruit unwilling allies to help him rescue his family. Download.

Danish pilot Hans Gundelach escapes occupied France to England in 1940 with sensitive German documents, but he’s soon arrested as a spy by the Secret Intelligence Service. Can a young English boy save him from the death penalty? Download.

When ex-con Jack is forced to rob a bank to pay off an old debt, he discovers something unexpected in the vault. Now he has the police on his tail and the mob after his family. Download.

When Jason is murdered to conceal a controversial medical discovery, he becomes a different version of himself in an alternate reality. Can he unravel the mysteries of this parallel universe and find the assassin before he kills again? Download.

When an inexperienced American marksman is thrust into the Second World War's most ferocious battle, he overpowers the enemy using unorthodox means. Download.

A young gardener falls for a wealthy aristocrat, only for the First World War to shatter their dreams of a life together. Download.

A young couple's lives are turned upside down when an unscrupulous brewery installs a nightmare tenant in the pub next door. Download.

I See Spiders

An architect suffers disturbing hallucinations after a Parkinson's diagnosis, so he puts himself forward for a radical new treatment, but then he finds his troubles are only just beginning.

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