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Liam McCann

Author, copywriter, screenwriter

Liam is a best-selling author with six novels and 65 non-fiction books in his portfolio. He has also worked as a freelance sub-editor and copywriter for The Daily Telegraph since 2010.


He has written 12 screenplays, seven of which have been commissioned or optioned. His adaptation of the award-winning novel, Lost Paradise, is now in development with First Cut Films. And he is also hoping to negotiate an option for his drama about a man coming to terms with a Parkinson’s diagnosis (Do You See What I See?), which has accomplished director Simon Aboud attached.




Liam has 20 years' experience writing for different audiences and purposes, including consumer and B2B clients. From editing and proofreading marketing copy to writing books and websites, as well as drafting technical articles on financial products, Liam will help make your communications more effective.

If you are looking for a creative writer for a book or screenplay, Liam has been commissioned to write more than 60 books and four screenplays. He works closely with his clients at every stage of the content-creation process to ensure their goals are achieved on time and on budget. 


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As well as freelancing for The Daily Telegraph, Liam has written 65 non-fiction books, including a bestseller, The Sledger’s Handbook (2006), which has now sold more than 25,000 copies.


He has edited 40 books for such distinguished writers as John Grant (winner of two Hugo Awards) and has also written 12 screenplays. Seven of Liam’s scripts have been commissioned or optioned by production companies in Los Angeles and London.

He continues to write fiction and non-fiction, freelance for the newspaper, and secure commissions on all manner of copywriting projects. Visit Amazon to see all of Liam's books.

 "Liam is an agile and persuasive storyteller with a jeweller's eye for judiciously selected detail, the kind that makes a script breathe. Added to that, he is a pleasure to work with."
John K. Hall, Wind Waltz Pictures



"Wow. I'm at a loss for words and that never happens. Liam, you did a truly fantastic job with I See Spiders and I'm really impressed. Wonderful finesse, very funny, fantastic pacing and I absolutely love the flaws and conflict you've brought to the story. Great rhythm, tragic and heart-warming, touching, just such a beautiful job."
Travis Milloy, writer/director Pandorum and Infinity Chamber


"I have worked with Liam for the last five years and in that time he has written more than 20 books for me on various subjects. He is quick and understands the briefs supplied very easily but, most importantly, he is thorough in his research and always delivers a quality book on time and on budget."
Jason Fenwick, Director, Demand Media Limited


"I've had the pleasure of working with Liam on a novel-to-film adaptation. Besides being a talented writer with an incredibly vivid yet realistic imagination, Liam is a brilliant collaborator who is willing to go the extra mile and take risks along the way, all for the sake of elevating the project, the story and its characters."
Fernando Viquez, Producer, First Cut Films








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